GiG2 Group, Inc. is a company based in Gainesville, Georgia. Our company markets to the commercial, industrial and residential markets with a dedicated specification. We are made up of experienced business professionals and represented across the United States by a number of authorized distributors who provide sales and installation support. Please see our product brochure or contact us directly at

The principals in our company have over 30 years experience and extensive backgrounds in sales and electrical engineering. It is the dedication to our industry and a positive attitude that has made us the organization we are today representing an innovative quality electrical product. In the past two years, over 3,000 customers have installed the Voltage Control Guard (VCG) and less than .1% have returned the product because they did not save money. The VCG is a safe passive product that acts as a low-pass filter that restores phase and polarity to the electric power being used by your home or office.


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**VCG Installation Guide

County pump station captures 9% savings with the VCG.

County public library captures 12% savings.